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Price list

The price is to be understood for the whole bungalow and one day of the stay without half-board, regardless of the number of people staying in the bungalow. From the 20 June until the 29 August, all cabins may only be booked in advance for week long periods, eg. 7 days and the multiples of these. The accommodation of a cat, dog etc. is 3.00 EUR per day regardless of the season. Pitching tents near the bungalows is not permitted!! The accommodation price does not include accommodation (spa) fee to the local authority. This fee is not paid by children under 18 years of age and pensioners over 70. The manager of the centre will collect a deposit sum of 600 Kc (or 20.00 EUR) per bungalow and stay. If the bungalow handed over in a proper state, the deposit money will be returned in the full amount. The price includes the consumption of electrical energy (or gas for cooking) and bedding. The kitchens are equipped with refrigerators, basic kitchen utensils and cutlery. As the number of boats is limited the guests are recommended to order them in advance together with the stay. Lending fee for boats: for orders made in advance see the price list; on the spot: ALU 11.60 EUR / JOLA NAVY 17.30 EUR daily. Lending fee for mountain bikes: for orders made in advance 3.00 EUR per day; on the spot: 6.00 EUR per day. The centre disposes of its own anchorage for yachts. Rent: 14.50 EUR per day. The customers will pay 0.80 EUR per 50 min. for gas heating operated by inserting coins. There is a possibility to pre-pay up to 8 hours of heating. The manager sells split wood for fireplaces for 2.40 EUR a wheelbarrow. Half-board (weekly orders only): 6.90 EUR/day for adults, 5.10 EUR/day for children under 12 years of age. Arrivals to the JAF-LIPNO centre: between 2 and 6 p.m. Later arrivals must be announced in advance. Do not hesitate to phone for general information any time at telephone number: 00420-602-433899. Facsimile 00420-387 319 090, e-mail: info@jaf-lipno.cz, www.jaf.lipno.cz. ATTENTION: We speak German only!